Intimate Waxing

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Offering men and womens face and body waxing,

from Brows to extended bikini waxing treatments

such as Hollywood and Brazilian wax,

brozilian or boyzilian, Back Sac and Crack.

Using Hot wax and Warm wax to achieve the best results.

With highly trained skills and years of experience, you will be assured of the best results from your waxing treatment.

Offering you a relaxed environment with a friendly and professional therapist, we hope to do our best in making you feel as comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call.

BIKINI  (The following treatments are not as intimate as Brazilian waxing)

The Bikini Line: Hair is removed from both sides and from the top of the bikini, so that none is visible when a bikini with high-cut sides is being worn.

The Californian/ High Bikini: Is one long landing strip from the back to the front.

The G-String: Is the same as The Californian but hair is removed from the anus.

BRAZILIAN  (Please note all the below treatments have NO hair left on the labia area or the anus area.)

The European: A large front area is left. Rest of the hair is removed.

The Bermuda/ The Martini Glass: A triangle is left on the front. All hair is removed elsewhere. The Bermuda is lower down than The Martini.

The Landing Strip/ The Mohawk: Is a strip of hair left at the front, all the rest of the hair is removed.

The Moustache/Postage Stamp: A square or rectangular shape is left on front.

The Heart Attack: A heart shape is left on the front.

The Hollywood  All the hair is removed.

Pre waxing

Please allow hair to grow out at least 5mm after shaving before booking your appointment.

You may gently exfoliate 48 hours before appointment to loosen any ingrown hairs.

Please wear a tampon if you are on your periods during your waxing appointment, please be aware that you may be more sensitive during your menstruation.

Practise personal body hygiene before your appointment, shower if you can or wipes are available.

Post waxing.

Advoid using perfumed products up to 24 hours after waxing.

Please wait 24 hours before swimming, sunbathing or saunas.

Moisturise daily after your waxing treatment, I recommend Bepanthen after bath or shower, 6-8 days after your appointment you should gently exfoliate.

Apply tea tree neat to any ingrown hairs, to bring the hairs to the surface. So that I can remove any in your next appointment.